Protecting Legal Rights in the Aftermath of a Commercial Truck Accident

Commercial trucks on U.S. roadways are responsible for causing a considerable number of the serious accidents that occur each year. This website, maintained by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration provides vital information about commercial truck accident in the United States. Accidents involving big rigs oftentimes result in serious injuries or fatalities.

Common Causes of Commercial Truck Accidents

The underlying causes of commercial truck accidents abound. With that understood, there are some common causes of commercial truck accidents that occur with surprising regularity on roadways across the United States. One of these common causes is a distracted big rig operator.

There are many different distractions that result in commercial truck accidents. These include a semi-truck driver who is talking on the phone or texting. Other distractions that underlie a considerable number of commercial truck accidents include eating or drinking, talking to a passenger, or adjusting the radio or other entertainment device.

Another common cause of a commercial truck accident on U.S. roadways is a fatigued big-rig operator. The federal government has established strict guidelines regarding how long a commercial truck driver can drive before taking a break for a specified period of time. Unfortunately, these guidelines routinely are ignored by commercial truck drivers.

Impairment by a mind-altering substance represents another type of underlying cause of commercial truck accidents. This includes alcohol intoxication as well as drivers under the influence of other types of mind-altering drugs. Even though drivers are monitored to some extent for driving while impaired, the system in place is far from foolproof.

Compensation in a Commercial Truck Accident Case

The compensation awarded in a commercial truck accident case depends upon the facts and circumstances of the collision, together with the injuries and losses sustained by a victim of that collision. With that said, a skilled personal injury attorney will seek compensation on behalf of a client for injuries, damages, and losses that include pain and suffering, medical bills and expenses, mental anguish and emotional distress, property damage or loss, and lost income. Compensation is designed to cover existing losses as well as those reasonable expected to be faced in the future.

In some commercial truck accident lawsuits, see this website, punitive or exemplary damages may also be sought. Punitive or exemplary damages represent additional compensation in a personal injury case. This compensation is awarded when the conduct of the party that caused the commercial truck accident is deemed particularly egregious or reckless. In addition to providing an injured person additional money, these damages are also designed to punish the party that caused the accident.

Retain a Commercial Truck Accident Lawyer

The first step in retaining capable legal representation in a commercial truck accident matter is scheduling an initial consultation with an experienced personal injury lawyer. During a preliminary appointment with aa commercial truck accident lawyer, legal counsel provides an evaluation of the case. This includes a discussion of possible strategies designed to obtain appropriate, fair compensation in a particular case. As a general rule, there is no charge for an initial consultation in a commercial truck accident case.