6 Tips to Save Money on Family Travel Through Frequent Flyers Points

A surprise discount on a ticket purchase is sheer delight for travellers, even if it is only for a tiny 1%. But this does not quite happen frequently.

On the other hand, frequent flyers are bestowed with frequent flyer points, which they can redeem as soon as they have enough numbers to meet the redemption requirements.

These frequent flyer points can be very handy at the time of family travel. Smart travellers are well-aware of these precious points and are on the lookout to finding ways to maximise their benefit.

In this post, you will get to know some tips to help you make the most out of your frequent flyer points when travelling with your family.

1 – Register Your Kid(s) in a Loyalty Programme

It is a simple task to get your kid(s) registered, but every airline may not entertain such a request.  Alternatively, they might have age restrictions in place.

Emirates have set the eligibility age for enrolment of children in the frequent flyer programme at 3 years, and the points aren’t transferrable to parents either.

Qantas Airways is quite favourable in this regard, and allows kids of any age. The points are also transferrable to parents every 12 months.

2 – Find Deals When Booking a Flight

When you intend to travel and book a ticket, don’t simply contact airlines or your flight agent for tickets straightaway. First, find out if there are any promotions going on. Browse the airlines’ official websites and other sites that offer deals. When you find one, combine your points with the deal and it’ll double the treat.

3 – Reserve Your Child’s Seat With Your Frequent Flyer Points

Every airline has its own policies when it comes to redemption of the frequent flyers points. Some of them offer transferable options and some just don’t. In addition, transference may cost you a little. In most cases, reserving your child’s seat with your points is much easier and will cost you less.

4 – Exploit Different Frequent Flyer Programmes

This one is tricky and the parents won’t be able to travel on the same flight. If you have 2 or more kids, this will work. You can find various programmes and consider their features and choose a suitable one to redeem your points. It demands a little research work beforehand, but it is worth.

5 – Free Ticket for Companion Traveller

It is not usual, but airlines do offer such options sometimes to their loyal customers. It adds to the experience if you find such an offer at the time of your family travel. This offer will be great complement to the abovementioned trick as well.

6 – Subscribe to a Frequent Flyer Points Management Service

The management of points is quite complex and you may miss a few beneficial opportunities due to your hectic planning and packing activities. Since this effort is really worthy, there are professional services to manage these points for you. One notable service is pointsbank.com.au.

It helps you manage all of your frequent flyer accounts at one place, so that you can do it with one login ID instead of multiple IDs.