List Of Private Medical Colleges Under NEET 2016

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is the only entrance exam for medical and dental courses in the country now after the government has decided to replace every state pre-medical test with NEET. The government had taken this decision along with the Supreme Court with the intention to bring all medical colleges in the country within the ambit of one single entrance exam. Having done so, starting from 2016, the number of medical seats has increased but it has also resulted in a stiffer competition.

The syllabus for NEET is taken from the CBSE 11th and 12th syllabus which is expected as NEET is administered by the CBSE. The syllabus covers Physics, Chemistry and Biology. While Biology carries the maximum marks with 360 marks out of 720, Physics and Chemistry carry 180 each. Since Biology is the easiest and the most scoring of all these three subjects, students should take advantage of the maximum weightage and start off with Biology straight away. Now, Chemistry is not liked by all but it is also a very scoring subject as it does not have much trickiness towards it. Physics requires a lot of formulas and concepts to be learned and understood. Take care to understand the derivatives so you know exactly where and how to apply the relevant concepts and formulas.

As you prepare for NEET, you must also keep in mind the college that you dream to study in. Perhaps, you may even make a list of private medical colleges under NEET 2016 that you refer to base your decision when your turn comes. This will help you have a better focus and direction as you move on with your preparation. You can even predict your future college and branch by using a college predictor for NEET using your test scores! By doing this, you will get an idea of how close you are to your dream college. This is a great motivator, pushing you to practice diligently till your performance helps you stand a chance to get into your dream college. You can even check with other colleges too, to see how far you are from clearing the cutoff for some of the top medical colleges in the country

As you move ahead with your preparations, make sure you test yourself on all fronts – academic, psychological or behavioural, and attempt strategy. You’ll be interested to know that academic performance is not the only factor that affects your score. How you look at the paper and your confidence level play a huge role in determining your score. A small mistake can cost you a mark or two and that can bring your rank down by thousands! That is why practice and mock tests are some of the most effective ways to hone your test-taking skills. In doing so, you will not only be prepared academically but also mentally.

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